Work Life Balance

Our careers can make us do ridiculous things. From simple things like pulling hours of overtime to more complicated matters such as putting our work before our family, careers can consume us if we don’t manage them properly. Although it’s understandable that you want to advance your career as quickly as possible and rise up the ladder, you need to learn how to balance your work life and family life so that you don’t suffer any bad effects.

The Consequences of Putting Work First

While there are times when your work does become a priority, there are plenty of negative side effects associated with overworking, and here are some of the ones you should be worried about:

It deprives you of sleep. Sleeping is important because it gives us a chance to recharge our bodies and heal our wounds. However, if you put work first and forget about your own life, then you’re essentially depriving your body of sleep. This can have incredibly harmful long-term effects on your health. For instance, your mood could change and you’ll be far easier to irritate. Your sleepiness could get in the way of other aspects of life, and you may even suffer from memory and thinking problems. If you feel like you’re suffering from these symptoms, contact a medical professional immediately.

  • It forces you to develop bad habits. Bad habits are the bane of everyone, but they exist regardless of how dangerous they can be. Whether it’s a drinking habit or something a little more innocent, bad habits won’t do anyone good. You’ll pick up lazy habits that could affect your health and you may even go back to bad habits that used to haunt you in the past such as smoking or overeating.
  • It reduces the amount of quality time you get with family. If you live with your family (or at least close by) then you may realize that the quality time you spent with them is slowly disappearing because you’re being consumed by your work. If you find that your family is worried about how little you spend time with them, then it’s a good idea to reconsider what your priorities are and look for ways to balance your work and home life.
  • You are less productive when tired. It’s understandable that you want to do good for your business or employer, but if you don’t actually balance your working and home life then you’ll quickly get tired, sleep and have a hard time focusing. Employees that fall asleep on the job or find it difficult to concentrate are less productive and don’t contribute much to the company they work for.
  • You’re prone to making mistakes. Whether it’s being fatigued while driving to and from work or typing up a document late at night, it’s important to remember that the mistakes you make will be amplified and harder to fix if you put your work first.
  • Your friendships will suffer. The less time you have, the fewer chances you’ll have to hang out with friends, chat with family and connect with co-workers. Spending too much time at work will ultimately make you appear distant, and this isn’t good for any relationship that you have.


Now that you understand the consequences of overworking, let’s dive into a few ways to remedy this.

Keep Work Separate From the Rest of Your Life

Many people let their working lives interfere with the rest of their lives. This is a terrible idea because the lines between work and the rest of your life will blur, causing you to mix the two for minimal gain. Sure, working at home is great. It’s convenient and it allows you to get some extra work done from home, but what’s wrong with working at the office? If you get used to working from home and also having a job in the office, then it will feel like every part of your life is in some way related to your work. This can be incredibly depressing and you will feel stressed out from not being able to escape your company.

Be More Productive Without Wasting Time

Try and look for ways to be more productive without wasting time. A good example of this is trying to eat healthily while you’re working extra hours or getting stuck at the office. It’s convenient and easy to buy fast food on your way home or order a takeout, but those are unhealthy options that will ultimately affect your health. Cooking could also be a non-option because it simply takes too long and it requires an investment. To remedy this, consider getting something from Snack Genius. Snack boxes are incredibly popular because they mix a variety of different treats into a single box, and they’re automatically delivered to an address of your choice. Even if you do have to work overtime for the sake of your company, it’s not an excuse to neglect the other important things in your life.

Turn off Your Digital Devices Now and Then

If you can, try and unplug yourself from the internet now and then. As soon as you come home, switch off your phone or put it into silent mode and go take a bath. You’d be surprised at how much more relaxed you feel when your phone isn’t constantly going off with alerts that someone has messaged you or wants to talk to you. Although it might be an important call, they can learn to wait (unless you’re expecting it). You should only be doing business or working during office hours, not when you’re at home relaxing with your family. Learn to turn off your mobile phone in an attempt to balance both your work and your lifestyle. Even if you’re a freelancer that can work whenever they want, it’s important to cement some work hours that you’re willing to stick with. This tip goes hand-in-hand with keeping work separate from the rest of your life because it follows the same concept; you need to try and avoid integrating your life with your work.

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