Snack Like A Boss with These Genius Tips!

What do you do when hunger pangs hit in the middle of the workday? Grab a candy bar? Chomp on some chips?

What if you could make a healthier and smarter, yet equally satisfying, choice?

When it comes to grab-and-go snacking, especially during the workday, you need healthy snacks that satisfy hunger and boost energy levels without leading to a midafternoon sugar crash. We were all too familiar with this, so we created a solution that would check all the boxes to make snacking like a boss a breeze:

? Convenient

? Portable

? Affordable

? Sustainable

? Healthier


Tip #1: Snack for Success

When you’re a driving force in the workplace, maintaining good health is vital – not just to your success but also to your company’s. Eating healthier contributes to improved productivity, mood and attitude.

Top leaders and CEOs in the world incorporate healthier snacking habits into their busy days. Apple CEO Tim Cook is a big fan of energy bars, and one of Oprah’s favorite treats is whole grain popcorn.  You could say these bigwigs know a thing or two about snacking for success!


Tip #2: Convenience is Everything

As a busy employee or business owner, you don’t have time to hunt and gather for the perfect snack. Meeting deadlines, navigating work obstacles, and running from meeting to meeting takes up enough precious minutes from your busy day. Your overall diet, and especially your workday snacks, should give you the energy you need to get through one.more.meeting.

The good news is that healthy snacking at work doesn’t have to slow you down. That’s the beauty of SnackGenius. There’s more than one option to keep you satisfied and cure those cravings. Combining sustainable-energy snacks like nuts with an instant pick-me-up like a healthy carb can help maintain energy levels throughout the workday.


Tip #3: Try A FREE Sample Box

Whether you’re gunning for a promotion or just trying to make it to the end of the workday, eating the right foods and developing healthier snacking habits can help you become more focused, energized and driven. Snack Genius is here to help you do just that. Get your free sample box today.



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