Healthy Snacking while at work

Eating healthily is difficult, especially when you’re at work. There’s no shortage of fast food and unhealthy snacks at the office. Be it at a vending machine or a workplace cafeteria, there’s a good chance that healthy snacking isn’t something that’s on the menu. So to help remedy this, we’ve put together a list of ways to start eating more healthily when you’re away from home.

Instead of giving out recipes or suggestions for food, we’ve decided to list some healthier habits that you can pick up instead. After all, if you’re struggling to eat healthily when you’re at work, what good is a recipe list going to do for you? You probably know that eating an apple is far healthier than eating a packet of sweets during lunch, so instead, we’ll teach you how to avoid those bad habits and switch to healthier ones.

Count those calories

People don’t realise how unhealthy they are until they meet a calorie counting app. Download one to your smartphone, install it, then update it as much as possible. Whenever you put something in your mouth, count those calories by looking it up on the packaging. If you forget or lose the packaging, then enter the name and search for it. This is the best way to assist your healthy snacking habit. Until you understand how unhealthy something like a chocolate bar or bag of candy is, you’ll just continue to treat them like snacks that don’t affect your health.

Use the staff kitchen more often

If you work somewhere that has a staff kitchen, then you should try to make more use of it. A staff kitchen is a great way of cooking up some healthy snacks during your lunch break. If you have a local market nearby, or if you pass by a grocery store on your way to work, then you could easily just pick up some local ingredients and cook something in the staff kitchen. Even if it’s just a microwave, you could heat up some healthier snacks such as popcorn instead of relying on greasy, fatty or sweet snacks. Even if all you use is the fridge, it’s better than nothing and could convince you to pick up healthier habits. Look up some basic recipes that you can cook, perfect them, and then save a lot of money on food and travel.

Consider a snackbox subscription

A subscription to a service such as Snack Genius that delivers hand-picked healthy snacks to your office will make it so much easier on you. You don’t need to worry about what to pack, you don’t have to worry about carrying it with you to work, and you’ll be able to snack straight away with preparation or anything else. The box simply arrives and you get to snack on whatever you want. You could even share the snackbox with your co-workers. Just make sure you ask for samples first so you can try the food before investing in an entire box.

Cook the food at home, bring it to work in a container

It’s easy to whip up some cheap and healthy snacks at home, so why not bring them to work in a container? You’ll likely save money on lunch and you can customise your lunch however you want. You can use up leftovers from last night’s dinner to save money, or you could make a larger box of healthy snacks to share with your friends. If you make a hot meal that eventually cools down, then use the staff kitchen to reheat it. You don’t need to use something fancy like a pan and stove, just a container in a microwave should be sufficient to heal up your food.

Learn where the local food spots are

If you’re unfamiliar with the local area, then make sure you take a moment to look at the local offerings before you decide to just go and buy fast food at the office cafeteria. You might be surprised to find some delicious healthy spots around you. Simply look at Google Maps for healthy cuisine and you’ll come across plenty of results that fit your criteria. This obviously works better in a city or location with more restaurants, but you might find a gem in your local neighbourhood that serves fresh, quality food with a healthy twist. You may even be lucky enough to find a local healthy place that does takeaway food. Ask if they deliver so that in the future, you can sit in your office and wait for the healthy snacks to come to you.

Stop eating lunch with friends who convince you to eat unhealthily

If your friends are constantly inviting you to eat lunch with them at some unhealthy spot, then kindly decline and do what you’d prefer. Don’t give in to the peer pressure of changing your diet or eating for the sake of fitting in. You shouldn’t force yourself to eat something you don’t like, and it’s important to not let peer pressure affect your decision making. Instead, bring some healthy snacks from home and keep them in a bag or container box that you can eat from during work. Not only will you be more productive because you spend more time at the desk than out for lunch, you will also save a lot of money.

Get small snacks that you can store in your desk

If you find it tempting to get up and go grab some greasy food, then you might find it easier to actually store some small snacks in your desk instead. This makes them easy to transport around and store, and you’ll always have something nice to snack on when you’re hungry. Just be careful not to abuse this and hide chocolate bars and sweets instead. Make sure all the snacks you store in your desk have a long shelf life and make sure they are high in good nutrients.

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