Celebrate Nutrition Month At Work

March is National Nutrition Month, and this year the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics is encouraging Americans to “Go Further with Food.” It’s a great time to take stock of eating habits, encourage healthier habits, and bring employees together in the name of better health. When employees feel healthy and happy, everyone wins!


Smart snacking should be a part of a healthy eating plan.

A USDA study showed that almost 20 percent of daily calorie intake comes from snack food. Making healthy snack choices should be an essential part of every well-balanced diet, especially for busy employees.

Healthy snacking:

• Can improve workplace productivity and overall performance
• Has a positive impact on mental alertness, mood and energy levels
• Staves off hunger pangs  – which can cause mood swings and overeating
• Provides a boost of energy
• Helps improve physical health over time


Convenience leads to healthier choices.

Making healthy snacking choices works best when  convenient choices are readily available. When choosing healthy snacks for the office, keep these things in mind:

• Include a variety of healthful foods and food groups
• Supply individual snacks to encourage portion control
• Consider group dietary needs


How can you support employees during National Nutrition Month?

1. Challenge employees to eat healthier this month.
2. Order healthy lunches in for a team building activity.
3. Stock the break room with fresh fruit, vegetables, and healthier versions of favorite office snacks.
4. Encourage employees to take regular breaks.
5. If you don’t already have a subscription box service, a one-time purchase is a great option for taking workplace wellness for a test-drive. Every SnackGenius box includes a variety of delicious, totally awesome snacks expertly curated and delivered to your office.


Have fun with it!

• Hold a “nutrition question of the day” and draw a winner from employees who provide the correct answer
• Have employees vote for their favorite snacks
• Organize a healthy potluck lunch, assigning each employee a food group so you end up with a well-balanced meal
• Host a lunch and learn session on healthy eating


Small changes can make a big difference. Make Nutrition Month the start of healthier habits at work!


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