SnackGenius is revolutionizing the Corporate Gifting Industry by increasing happiness, excitement and customer loyalty through delivering delicious, healthier snacks expertly curated & delivered with TLC :)


Welcome to the SnackGenius family!  Our roots began almost two decades ago in the vending/refreshment services industry.  Pioneering the automated distribution of healthier snacks since 2007, our incredible team has provided “better fuel” options to workers all across the United States.  From corporations, government offices and schools to hospitals, military bases and hotels, we’ve been a catalyst of the wellness revolution in bringing healthier snack options to organizations such as Marriott, U.S. Airforce, Harvard University, FedEx, Honda, Crayola and the YMCA to name just a few (see logos below).

We launched SnackGenius in order to provide the Corporate Gifting industry curated deliveries of exciting, premium healthier snacks. Whether you’re looking to show your appreciation to team members, keep key clients loyal & happy or want to bring a new level of enjoyment to meetings and events, we look forward to providing totally awesome premium snacks that everyone will rave about.  We even guarantee it.