10 Healthy Snacks For Your Olympic Office Party

With the 2018 Winter Games in full swing, holding an Olympic office party is a great way to boost employee morale while having a little friendly competition (a.k.a. cleverly disguised team building!) at work.

An Olympic office party can be an elaborately planned party with an opening ceremony, scheduled events and awards – or it can be as simple as an impromptu celebration with snacks from the break room. Competing in the Olympics requires strength, endurance, and discipline – and so can the workday. Help employees go for the gold with these energizing, healthy snacks.

1. Nuts

These little superfoods contain a host of health benefits and nutrients: protein, fiber, magnesium and healthy fats. Open up a few packs of almonds, cashews. pistachios or peanuts and mix with a variety of simple carbs like dried fruit, coconut chips and dark chocolate for a delicious DIY trail mix.

Speaking of nuts…the world became a slightly better place with the introduction of single-serve peanut butter and almond butter. Slice up an apple or banana for a delicious, sustainable burst of energy.

2. Popcorn

Pop into the spirit of the Olympic games with this classic, low-cal snack. Air-popped, half-popped or kettle corn – there’s a healthy popcorn snack for every member of your team.

3. Chips

What’s a party without chips? But not just any chips. Go for the gold with veggie chips, baked or kettle cooked goodness in fun flavors.

snack genius coconut chips olympic office party

4. Coconut chips

Slightly sweet and the perfect amount of crunch, toasted coconut chips are a delicious twist on the classic chip. They also provide an energy boost office Olympians will love.

5. Hippeas

These organic chickpea puffs come in a variety of flavors like pepper power and vegan white cheddar. They’re good for you and good for the earth, perfect for celebrating the world coming together for the Olympics.

6. Edamame

Get a quick pick-me-up from dry-roasted edamame. Packed with protein, magnesium and iron, these energizing legumes also deliver a satisfying crunch and tons of flavor.

7. Beef jerky

Skip the preservatives and go for the gold with a simple, nitrate-free whole food like Field Trip beef jerky. Perfect for the paleo snackers at your Olympic office party.

8. Dried fruit

Sweet and delicious, dried fruit hits the bulls-eye when it comes to flavor and nutritional benefits. Combine it with nuts to minimize blood sugar spikes.

9. Pretzels

Crunchy and low in fat, pretzels are a party staple. Bring whole grain pretzels to the party table for a healthier option.

Olympic office party snacks dark chocolate

10. Dark chocolate

Nothing expresses the sweet taste of victory like a little chocolate. Choose antioxidant-rich dark chocolate containing at least 60-70% cacao over sugar-laden candy for best health benefits.

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