Healthy Dessert Ideas

Do you ever find you want a snack or dessert after your evening meal, but you don’t want to feel guilty later? You certainly don’t want to be in the position where that dessert actually causes the numbers on the scales to jump up a few pegs. Well, there’s certainly good news on that front because there are plenty of dessert ideas that won’t have you sighing at the number of calories. In fact, you might not need to count the calories at all. Let’s look at some of the possibilities.

Grab A Cookie

We often think of a cookie as an unhealthy treat, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, if you make the right choice with the ingredients and the way you prepare your cookie, it can actually be a delicious snack, perfect for someone with a sweet tooth that is light on calories. So, how do you make them? Well, you can add nuts, dried fruits and oats to your cookies and this will give them a delicious taste as well as adding a certain level of texture. The best part is that these cookies aren’t that hard to make yourself.

You can start by whisking together some flour and including those oats as well as the dry fruit and nuts. Separately add some baking soda and boiling water together while also melting butter and honey in a saucepan. After this, add the three together, spoon it onto a baking tray and cook until golden brown. You can thank us after you taste the first cookie!

Something Cool And Sweet

If you want to treat yourself without making the waistband of your jeans moan, try some low-fat strawberry ice cream. Low fat usually means low flavor, but that’s not the case here because we’re going to use real strawberries to make this dessert treat. If you want to create it yourself all you need is a blender. Add some strawberries and other summer fruit berries if you want a little extra taste into the blender. Blend until it’s either puree or diced. Then, puree some yogurt and vanilla. Mix it all together, cover it and freeze it for a few hours. Later after dinner, bring it out for a delicious low-calorie dessert that you won’t need to feel guilty about later.

Chocolate, Peanut Butter…What More Could You Want?

You might be wondering how something including chocolate and peanut butter could ever be considered healthy. Well, as always it depends on the size, the recipe and how you prepare it. With chocolate peanut butter banana bites, you’ll discover that bigger isn’t always better. First, get a bowl with melted chocolate and some coconut oil. Hey if you’re not keen on the idea of regular chocolate, why not try some dark chocolate instead? Dark chocolate is actually good for you! Spoon the chocolate into a baking tray and then add a banana. Add a little peanut butter on top, then some nut shavings for a little extra flavor. The key to this dessert is to keep the servings small and satisfying.

Kiwi On A Stick

Are you a fan of the kiwi fruit? It’s rather good for you, packed full of antioxidants and we know how to make it a delicious treat. So, first, buy some popsicle sticks and add a thick slick of kiwi to each. Ten should suffice for a typical family. Once you have done this freeze the kiwis until they are hard. After that get some melted chocolate and dip the kiwi pops into it. Freeze for another ten or fifteen minutes, and they will be ready for you to eat. Perfect for a summers day or just when you want something light, cool and sin free.

Iced Melon

You might think that the worse part of a cupcake is the icing, but that’s not the case at all. The part that makes a cupcake so unhealthy is the cake itself. So, rather than adding a lifetime on your hips for a minute on your lips, how about trying a cupcake with a difference? Cut up a watermelon and use round chunks as the base of the cake. Then, you can add icing on top. Put them in the fridge for a couple hours, and you’ll soon have a wonderful treat for after dinner.

Chocolate Mini Marvels

Remember, what we said about dark chocolate? It’s good for you so you don’t have to feel guilty about a dessert-based around it which is why you might want to make some delicious dark chocolate bars. Typically, you can make these with any brownie recipe, replacing the recommended chocolate with a dark variety. If you want to add a little extra flavor and goodness, be sure to include a layer of mint.

Pumpkin Pie Pudding

In the fall, people often gouge on sweets and naughty treats. Why not break the mold and instead opt for a delicious pumpkin pie pudding. Pumpkin is good for you and with its unique sweet taste, it could be the perfect healthy treat. With a can of pumpkin, eggs, butter, a little biscuit baking mix and some evaporated milk, you can make this treat yourself. Slow cook the mixture for around about three hours. After that, it will be ready to pour into a bowl and serve. You might find that rather than begging you to go trick or treating, the kids ask you to whip up these after they’ve tasted it once.

Baked Pears

If you love pears, you’ll definitely want to try this wonderful little treat. You can add ricotta and cinnamon to pears sliced in half, place them in the oven to bake for ten or twenty minutes. Keep an eye on them and wait for the fruit to turn golden brown. Once you remove them, you’ll find you have a delicious warm treat that is as cheap as it is healthy. It’s super fast too so if you ever find yourself without any ideas for dessert but you have a few pears in this is a great choice.

We hope this helps you see that there are plenty of delicious, healthy desserts for you to choose from once you start to explore the possibilities.

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